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Forest Vermicompost

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Ms. Vidya
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Ms. Deepthi

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Ingredients: Rainforest tree leaf / fruit / root / wood litter decomposed via hot composting. Contains wild bat, peacock, jungle fowl and cow droppings and urine. Contains vermi castings (vermicompost), vermi wash with a microbe rich Jungle soil base. Contains more nitrates than nitrites due to length of curing see Nitrogen Cycle for details. Compost that is not fully cured will contain plant toxins.

Application: Suitable for high quality, high intensity grows of flowers, fruits, vegetable. For plantations application needs to be done via inoculation pits 1.5m (5ft) from tree / bush. For potting soil mix 1 cup for every 2 cups common soil. Soil rejuvenation.

Benefits: Virgin Compost i.e. 100% forest biomass and Zero municipal waste which may contain toxins, ani-biotics, toxic newsprint inks etc. Origin Western Ghats. Natural. Renewable.  Slow cured over 1 year as against industry average of 2-3 weeks. Made by hand (zero machinery). Contains beneficial microbes and earthworm eggs. Once applied keep moist and covered with dry leaves (mulch). Use within 15days

Income from Compost - Course and Certificate


Course: Rs 5,000 for 5 day residential course.(i.e. Rs 4,237 + Rs 763 GST =  Rs 5,000) 


Exam + Certificate: Rs 2,000 (i.e. Rs 1,694 + Rs 306 GST =  Rs 2,000)


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Nitrogen cycle

Nutrient sources

Nutrient pumps

Carbon sequestration

Soil Ph

In-situ hot pile / pipe / pit / vermicompost

Aerobic and anaerobic decomposition

Johnson Su reactor

Diferrences between various types of composting

Benefits: Stop / reduce  money spent on inorganic fertilisers and additives. Become self reliant.

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