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Please call Puru +91-9108066377 for guidance

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Google Maps - Location Kanthavara Forest basecamp


Getting in:

If you want transport other than bus or if you are afraid of being cheated by local Auto/taxi please contact

  1. 7 seater minivan Robin 8888712724 Eg: 15-20Rs/km, waiting extra
  2. 3-seater auto rickshaw Rakesh 8105949543 or Kiran 9902692695 or Ravi 9980738770. Eg: Moodbidri-Basecamp 250-300Rs, Airport/Udupi/Mangalore-Plantation 1000Rs
  3. Bike Taxi Suresh 8762927811 Eg: Moodbidri-Basecamp 120-150Rs


Bus timings:

  • Moodbidri (MB) - Varnabettu (VB) 8am, 11.45am, 4.45pm. (Note: Paladka (PDK) Ashwata katte Jxn)
  • Varnabettu (VB) - Moodbidri (MB) 8.40am, 12.20pm, 5.20pm
  • KTV highschool to MB 7.30am, 8, 8.45, 10.20,1.10pm, 4.30, 5.00
  • KTV Highschool to Karkala 9.30am, 11, 11.35, 2.30pm, 4.15
  • MB-Udupi-MB or MB-MLR-MB every 20mins
  • MLR bus stops at SBI main busstop, Bunts hostel, Nantur


7 Seater minivan daily timings:

8.15am 5cents, 8.30am RR, 8.45am Basecamp, 9.00am VB, PDK ashwata katte jxn, 4.30pm RR, 4.45pm Basecamp, 5.10pm VB, 5cents, PDK Ashwata katte 


On Arrival

Please sign-in (register) and whatsapp a copy of your ID to Puru +91-9108066377 after which you will be given a tour of facilities, an introduction to site staff and their respective work. Volunteer assistance is invited 

  1. Mon-Fri 9am-1.30pm for at least 2 weeks or
  2. Mon-Fri 9am-1.30pm and 2.30-5pm with the following week completely off


Our regular site teams work Mon-Sat 9am - 1.30pm and 2.30 - 5pm. No one on will ever ask you to do any work. It is entirely up to you to come forward and assist with day to day work. If you face any difficulty please discuss the matter immediately and openly with Puru. Separate from the day-to-day ongoing work, volunteers often have new proposals such as painting a wall, building a tree house, outdoor swings, making a video, installing a machine etc etc. Please write down / sketch your proposal and then discuss it with Puru. If we accept then you will be provided with the material and help to execute the proposal.


Volunteer dormitory accommodation, veg meals, wifi, washing m/c once a week, parking is FREE for the duration of your stay. If anyone asks for money please report to Puru. However things such as non-veg food, bike rental (see below), auto rickshaw rental, bike taxi, pick/drop will be extra. Consumption of Alcohol and drugs on the property is prohibited, even during free time / holidays. If you wish to drink there are local bars nearby. Aqua guard pure drinking water is available in the canteen. Kindly segregate garbage before disposing in the designated pits. a) Decomposable - Bio / food b) Non-decomposable - Plastic, metal, sanitary pads, diaper's c) Electronic waste give to Puru. If you find anything dirty or damaged please bring to attention of Puru immediately. To avoid rats and cockroaches - we request not to eat in the rooms / dorm. You can munch away happily in the sit-outs, canteen or on several of the picnic spots on the property. Please empty your respective garbage bins daily. Switch off the fan, light, water heater when not in use. Do not dry clothes inside the room, or using the fan.


Things to do in free time:

  1. Visit our Plantation Owners House
  2. Visit our Mangalore Mini Forest Cabin
  3. Visit our Kanthavara Forest Basecamp
  4. Other suggestions click herePricelist & Menus 



Anti-venom: Fr. Mullers Hospital 9483508502, Jain Medical 9008349397, Alva's 0825-8238104, Karkala Govt. Hospital 0825-8230204, Ambulance 108, Snake/Animal rescuer's Bhuvan 9113028944 Sharanya 6362054698, Police 112


Before you say goodbye:

Many have come, stayed and enjoyed the place but some leave with just 1 or no review. I request you to take some time to leave a review on all three places listed below. It would help us a greatly.

  1. Provide feedback in register
  2. Provide review and pic on Google location - (Deca Farm Kanthavara)
  3. Provide review and pic on Workaway / Warmshowers etc  


Strictly No Tips / Gifts

If you want to gift / acknowledge / thank a member of our staff please ask Puru for 'Staff Welfare Register'


Bike Rental:

Bikes will be offered only after volunteers have completed 1 week volunteering. We offer 1 day FREE Bike or FREE stay in Mangalore at Forest Cabin on completion of 1 week volunteering

  1. Activa scooter, Petrol, only for short distances = Rs 250/day x min 7 days
  2. CBZ Motorbike, Petrol, sturdy good condition = Rs 250/day x min 7 days
  3. Electric bike in Mangalore, including FREE charging = Rs 350/day


Auto Rickshaw Rental:

  1. Mahindra TREO Electric Autorickshaw incl. driver, ideal for beaches, temples, tourist spots, airport/station etc. Rs10/km, waiting 100Rs/hr or 1,500/day 9am-5pm. Parking and Toll extra. 5pm-9am is 1.5 times normal rates. For availability check with Puru


  1. Build a cabaña with massage / therapy table PDK
  2. Build massage / therapy table KTV viewpoint
  3. Build a river side enclave PDK
  4. Build a bio toilet PDK, KTV viewpoint
  5. Build a platform in a tree PDK
  6. Build a barbeque grill for the community kitchen PDK
  7. Build a wood fired pizza oven PDK
  8. Build a outdoor 'rain' shower PDK, KTV
  9. Level and smooth out ground for 6 persons Yoga PDK, KTV
  10. Paint PDK / KTV with motifs
  11. Install nets around multipurpose sports pitch KTV, PDK
  12. Pumping / watering system from well to water plants along forest road
  13. Public bottle collection bin - KTV T junction
  14. Night watch towers for animal and bird observation
  15. Accompany Harini mdm into village/jungle to meet with locals
  16. Carbon credit
  17. Set up Bajpe yard
  18. Forest area benches, swings, playareas

Food for thought / Painting on walls

pricing forest carbon.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.8 MB

Video 1

  • Sample Video - On Simarouba
  • Audience: Students between the ages of 16-24 (i.e. 1st PUC to Degree) from within 50km i.e. Mangalore, Udupi wishing to conduct Field Trip or Study tour for a day only
  • Story board:

Deca c/o Arunanjali Securities

Address: Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India


Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

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