Bidiru Aranya Protsaha Yojane (BAPY)

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Upto May 31, 2024 = 14 planted / 14 survived

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Bidiru Aranya Protsaha Yojane (BAPY) translates to Bamboo forest development scheme and is available only to employees of Kanthavara Forest Basecamp. Planting is permitted only in Kanthavara, only in public places such as road sides and degraded part of forest. Minimum spacing should be 20ft from sapling to sapling. Every sapling planted is tagged, its location and date of planting is recorded in a Public planting register. The conditions of saplings are inspected every year in May after which the management decides on how many fresh saplings to allots to each employee for planting in the month of June, when the rain starts. Those who have got good results will be alloted more saplings. Payment Rs 500 per sapling paid over 3 years on verification every year.


Visitors to the Basecamp who wish to Tip an employee are requested to contact Puru and do so via the Public planting register, so that the employee gets the Tip and a bamboo is planted in your name as well. Full Tip amount (Rs500 or multiples) will be given to employee directly and immediately. However survival of the bamboo will be verified every year for 3 years.


Donating toward nature conservation can also use this scheme

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