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Ms. Priya - Legal India, UAE

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  • How to make Single or Mirror Will in India? Procedure? How much does it cost?
  • Trust and Estate planning?
  • Succession Certificate?
  • Legal Heir Certificate?
  • Letters of Adminstration?
  • How to probate a Will of the deceased?

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UAE Will for Non-Muslim

A non muslim expat (both resident or non resident) can make a will in the UAE to guide the transfer of his / her UAE assets upon death. There are 3 ways to do this in UAE. First through the Dubai courts, second through the DIFC registry or through your Home country Embassy legalization. 

India - Legal Will, Trust, Tax & Estate Planning

How to make a personal will? Will is best done with help of professional agency using court prescribed Will formats and procedures
Will Drafting - Specimen Will sample draft deeds for Hindu, Muslim, etc. will be prepared for client depending on marital status, children, location of assets, religion
We undertake - Legal drafting of Will and Last testaments. Trust, Tax and Estate planning. Registration of Wills. Complete Succession sets comprising Acknowledgement of debt, Power of attorneys, Letter of wishes, Asset lists, Medical certificates, Organ/body donation notifications etc.

Will for Muslims in UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi etc.

Muslim owning movable assets and property in the UAE can take steps to ensure that his / her entire (100%) property ends up with the intended beneficiaries such as a spouse. Muslims, both residents and non residents living in the UK, India etc. who own property in the UAE can avail of this service.




UAE and India Will combined - Vario Will

Below Table applicable to UAE wills only

Dubai Courts - DIFC Will and Probate Registry - Embassy route

Description Dubai Courts DIFC Courts Embassy Legalization
Can I make a UAE Will myself?


Age of majority 20 yrs, 4 months & 15 days

Anyone of age of majority (21yrs) and sound of mind may write their own will and change it anytime during their life, without consulting an attorney or of a professional legal representative - DIFC


Age of majority 18 yrs in most countries, but to be applicable in the UAE testator must be 21 yrs

Market rates for Professional Will drafting service

3000 to 15000 AED


Ask for a quote fzcdeca@gmail,com

10000 to 15000 AED


Ask for a quote

500 to 2000 AED


Ask for a quote

Court fees *2100 AED Single Will
*4200 AED 2 Mirror wills

(*effective since April 1, 2014. Prior to this it was 85 AED)
10000 AED Single will
15000 AED 2 Mirror wills
5000 AED extra to include guardianship
7500 AED extra for mirror guardianship
Legal translation

500-800 AED

During probate required attestation by MoFA

500-800 AED In English only. Arabic legal translation to be done at time of probate only and attested by MoFA. 
Embassy attestation n/a n/a approx 200 AED
UAE MoFA Min of Foreign affairs n/a n/a n/a (done later during probate)
UAE Min of Justice n/a n/a n/a
Can I make a joint will with my spouse? No (It was possible till mid 2014). You must now make a Mirror wills which costs double, see above. No. You must now make a Mirror will which costs more see above. Yes. but we recommend 2 Mirror wills, which is more easily recognized in the UAE
Do I need to write down all my assets in the Will? No. Not required.
If you do you need to pay an additional 0.25% of the asset value.
No No
Language Arabic + English or other foreign language English only English



Points to consider when making a will . . . 

  1. ". . . . but I have joint account (UAE) / nominee (India)?" A 'nominee' or even a 'joint a/c holder' is NOT the automatic legal heir. In the absence of a Will, transmission of assets to nominees is at times NOT automatic. Such transfers if put on hold by the banks etc. could take 6 months, while rightful legatees are verified.
  2. ". . . but the assets were already transmitted to nominee without problem. Thats it, right?" As we know the nominee is only a custodian and NOT the legal heir. Any disgruntled family member or debtor can at any time in the future, at very little cost file a claim in court for a share of the assets. While the courts may eventually decide to let the nominee keep the assets, the nominee will have to engage in an expensive time consuming legal process. This possibility could be easily avoided with a Will.
  3. In the UAE and other islamic countries, there is no concept of 'Either or survivor' multiple holder a/c's. There is what is called a Joint a/c. When one of the a/c holders dies the surviving holder cannot operate the a/c (at least not legally). With emirates ID cards, such a/c's are frozen in real time and the matter then must go to the courts. If there is no Will things can get costly, complicated and delayed by years
  4. ". . . I'm going to wait till the recent property transaction is completed" People keep buying and selling properties all their life. We therefore make Wills non property specific, so you do not have to change your Will every time you buy or sell a property. You do not have to wait for a property deal to complete, make a Will today.
  5. Challenges from siblings, in-laws, disaffected children, spouse, business partners, creditors etc may arise unexpectedly
  6. Custody for minor children is often given little importance as most people are not able to imagine the possibility of both parents dying at the same time. Should both parents die without a will, the courts could give legal custody & guardianship of minor children and assets to someone who may not be ideal in your view
  7. In the event of death, an employer can sometimes dither on who to payout dues to, or pay it out to an unintended person or even refuse to pay. A will is critical to preempting such problems
  8. Less than 1% of Indian adults aged above 40 have wills. In the UK it is 22%
  9. Will can be changed / updated (codicil UK) at a later date if you change your mind
  10. Succession certificate or Legal Heir certificate How it works? Cost? Time? find out more . . .
  11. If there is a Will, there will be no need for expensive experts, no need to obtain no-claim certificates from several of the deceased's distant, estranged and sometimes hostile relatives, no need to appoint lawyers & travel between countries for attestations. Time to settle is drastically reduced. 
  12. Common law - A Will extends protection to your children and assets in all common law countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc. Including those who have assets in several countries
  13. Civil code countries (Spain, Portugal, Quebec province in Canada etc.) & Islamic countries (UAE, Qatar, Oman etc.) require additional formalities to be completed on the Will such as translation, embassy attestation, home office attestation followed by foreign ministry attestation 
  14. A will is incomplete without POA. POA's are needed in case the person does not die but suffers debilitating injuries leaving him/her unable to sign or accord legal consent. POA's are hugely important in the middle east gulf countries which follow Shariah law

UAE - Legal Heir certificate

  1. Death certificate copy
  2. Passport copy of deceased and beneficiaries
  3. List of assets in name of deceased
  4. Will copy (optional)
  5. Extract of the law of the deceased's home country pertaining to successions

India - Letters of Administration

  1. Passport Copy of the deceased
  2. Will copy (optional)
  3. Death Certificate copy
  4. Family tree
  5. Asset List - List of movable and immovable assets including those without titles (eg. watches jewellery etc)

Please mention your telephone number and email address in Message* box

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  • #22

    Mr. J.M.L., 53, Sharjah, UAE (Thursday, 16 December 2021 01:43)

    My Will drafting & registration of the same is done in a very short notice very nicely, thanks dears.

  • #21

    Ms. K.D., 25, Dubai, UAE (Friday, 06 August 2021 02:02)

    I have received full set of WIll. Thank you very much for your support.

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    Mr. H.S., 66, Mirdif, Dubai, UAE (Monday, 20 July 2020 05:46)

    I have received the Will full set. Thanks for your entire team support. I was very apprehensive when we started at a time with lockdowns and restrictions in place. However I am very pleased that inspite of all the problems we have managed to complete this documentation. Once again thank you very much.

  • #19

    Mr. V.F., 51, Sharjah, UAE (Wednesday, 07 August 2019 02:59)

    Thank you very much for your cooperation. We would like to thank you Mr. Bhanu & Ms. Priya for providing excellent service & recommendation for our investment. Thanks for always listening, supporting & encouraging us. You’re a true friend and we want you to know how much we love and appreciate you. You’re the best.

  • #18

    Mr. S. K., 54, Dubai, UAE. (Friday, 08 December 2017 01:31)

    "​Got UAE Will with your kind assistance, thanks all."

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    Mr. G.N.W, 60, Great Britian, UK. (Thursday, 18 May 2017 03:35)

    I received my Will, thank you very much for your support.

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    Ms. Z. Z. F, (Financial Controller ), Al Quoz Dubai, UAE (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 06:37)

    Dear Sulochani,
    I have received the same.Thank you very much.

  • #15

    Mr. Noor Mohammed Sayed, Dubai, UAE (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 04:54)

    Dear All,

    I received my Will. Thank you very much for your best efforts.

  • #14

    Mr. Mahendra R, Dubai, UAE (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 01:00)

    Hi Sulochani,

    I received three copies of the 'WILL and Last Testament' by courier. Thank you very much.

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    Dr. G. S. Abu Dhabi, UAE (Wednesday, 28 October 2015 04:56)

    I received my will. Truly appreciate your service. I will definitely recommend you to other colleagues

  • #12

    Mr.M.K., 48, (Gold Souk, Dubai) (Monday, 22 June 2015)

    Great work on my documentation set. In one stroke we have settled many pending matters that was disturbing me for many years. I have sister in Saudi, she too has property in Dubai and Baroda, can you advise for her, documents i will ask her to send.

  • #11

    Ms. A M., 53, (Investor, Burj Precinct, DUbai) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:47)

    My partner and I appreciate the way in which our documents were examined and the entire matter handled and completed. Your services were highly recommended by my sister and her late husband. Cheers

  • #10

    Mr. H. L. G, 66, (Doha, Qatar) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:25)

    Thanks for helping me with my India will and POA set without having to leave Doha. I was surprised that the entire process could be completed so professionally by email, courier and a few phone calls. In the old days I had to go personally, wait long time and still get poor service. Is it required for me to make a Will in Qatar?

  • #9

    Mr. M. S, 42, (Property owner, Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:24)

    My wife and I thank you for your detailed examination of the facts before drawing up the documentation. We feel happy our 4 children and property will be protected should anything happen to either one of us. A great service. Many thanks.

  • #8

    Mr.M.J., 39, (Property owner, India / Dubai) (Friday, 12 June 2015 06:16)

    You innovative solution for muslims to protect their property investment was really appreciated by my wife and family. many thanks.

  • #7

    Mr.A.V.L, 69, (Investor, Guernsey, Dubai) (Friday, 12 June 2015 06:15)

    I always thought and was even wrongly advised by some others that I needed to list all my properties down on the Will, apparently not! Thanks for making the whole process so simple and quick.

  • #6

    Mr.D.S., 57, (Managing Director, Dubai) (Friday, 12 June 2015 06:14)

    Thank you for the will and POA documents, they arrived today by courier as promised. I will be following Sulochani’s instructions on the Letter of Wishes and Asset list. My wife is more relieved than myself and coveys her regards to Priya and her team. We would be keen to invest approx 250,000$ in Mutual Funds, can you please ask Priya to contact us.

  • #5

    Cuthbert J. 62, (Managing Director, RAK) (Monday, 08 June 2015 12:46)

    I was surprised at the depth of knowledge of Priya and her team in matters relating to UAE wills and POA’s. I never imagined that such an important matter could be handled so satisfactorily almost entirely on email. The last meeting with Bhanu was invaluable too. Now that I know the risks of not having a will and POAs, I have brought this to the attention of my senior colleagues who own property in the UAE

  • #4

    Mohammed P., 47, (Property owner, Pakistan / Dubai) (Monday, 08 June 2015 12:44)

    The additional documentation that you have drawn up to protect my Dubai property is so simple and effective, I plan to use the same in Pakistan too.

  • #3

    Roger S., 54, (General Manager, Abudhabi) (Monday, 08 June 2015 11:53)

    I got the complete succession set attested as per your instructions. I would like to thank Ms. Sulochani for the clear and prompt communication and helping me complete this rather important procedure.

  • #2

    J. L. Fairhurst, 59, (Investor, Dubai - UK) (Friday, 05 June 2015 11:06)

    I appreciate the thorough way in which my documents were examined, The mistake on my title deed that your office picked up on, was unnoticed for years by my real estate broker, bank, land department and even my lawyer at the time, who had overseen the transaction. Spot on! Cheers

  • #1

    R. Thomas, 49, (Sales Manager, Sharjah UAE) (Friday, 05 June 2015 11:05)

    Thanks team for the invaluable advise on my India will. Now that I have it, I feel relieved. After the terrible experience trying to settle my late fathers property, I cant believe how most people, including myself, carry on without a will.

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