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Legal Heir certificate, Succession Certificate, Probate, LoA

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How to obtain Lawyer for Letters of Administration, Heirship Cert.

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  1. Passport Copy of the deceased
  2. Will copy (optional)
  3. Death Certificate copy of the deceased
  4. Names and date of deaths of Parents of the deceased
  5. Exact names and addresses of the legal heirs of the above deceased.
  6. Passport Copies of legal heirs
  7. Address Proof of legal heirs
  8. Asset List - Full details of shares. i.e. name of company, current value, description, etc. all the different companies shares and dividends, immovable property etc.  can all be clubbed in 1 petition
  9. Extract of the law of the deceased's home country pertaining to successions, if applicable

India - Letters of Administration

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