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Unhappy with your present insurer? Port your policy without losing benefits!

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Health cover for your wife, children & parents in India

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  • Click on premium calculator & benefits list. Health cover available for smokers and senior citizens too
  • Our Technical officer will call you to collect necessary details and arrange medical for those above 45. Medical test is FREE at several locations in India (click) or at can be done at your home in India which is convenient for elders, women and NRI's on short visits
  • You will receive Health Cards and Original contract by courier/post, within 15 days of confirmation by head office
  • Refund - In rare cases of rejection


Unhappy with your current Insurance? You can now port your policy to us without losing any earlier benefits!



Get covered now, avoid chance of rejection later

NRI's often say "I will take Health Insurance when I come to settle back in India. I do not need now, my company covers me". In reality many NRI's are denied health cover if they already have cardiac, renal and other existing problems. See letter below.


We therefore recommend that NRI's obtain a health cover well before any cardiac or other problems are detected. Indian health premiums are very small and should be run for at least 4-5 years before one starts to claim benefits. This will ensure accumulation of NCB and coverage of pre-exisiting diseases.

See what is best for you - an individual plan or family floater. Costs shown below are indicative, please ask for a updated quote.



Medicinal Plants available for FREE

  1. Laxman Phal / Graviola / Annona muricata - For cancer
  2. Lakshmi Taru / Simarouba glauca - For cancer
  3. Sandu balli / Cactus Vine / Harajora - For arthritis



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Comments: 28
  • #28

    Mr. A. E. M., 38, Dubai, UAE (Friday, 21 May 2021 03:45)

    I am so glad that I now have a policy which takes care of my in-laws medical claims in future. i was looking for a policy from a long time got one now. Happy and satisfied with the service and guidance of Jevita. taking online policy is easy but you difficult to follow up if we have any claims in future. I have a point of contact now that is Deca team. Thanks a ton!

  • #27

    Ms. L. A., 42, Dubai, UAE (Thursday, 25 February 2021 00:35)

    Thanks for your patience with us Team Deca! My husband and I have successfully renewed our policies for another year.

  • #26

    Ms. T. F., 55, Bejai, Mangalore. (Wednesday, 24 February 2021 04:21)

    Not only porting my policy but there was a mistake in the new policy's health card where the date of birth of my daughter was incorrect. I had informed this to DECA team and they have taken efforts to follow up, get the DOB corrected and get the job done. Appreciate the work!

  • #25

    Ms. P. S. 42, Mangalore, India (Wednesday, 24 February 2021 01:47)

    I missed the cashless facility due to my doctor's preference for some other hospital. The Mediclaim was a nightmare, thought not to go for it at all. But, thanks Jeevitha a lot for taking care of all the things & getting me my claim (with all the confusions about providing proposer's / claimant's bank details for refund, which delayed the process).

  • #24

    M/s A. S., Ladyhill, Mangalore (Thursday, 21 May 2020 04:57)

    Like all our old employee, are new employees are also now covered with a basic health insurance. We are happy to provide basic health safety to our employees.

  • #23

    Ms. T. F., 54, Bejai, Mangalore. (Thursday, 14 May 2020 06:30)

    I had a health insurance cover from National Insurance Company from past 10 years. But this year I had a claim for medical surgery done. I had to literally struggle and fight to get my claim amount back from the insurance company. Disappointed by this kind of service I thought to get my policy changed when my Friend suggested me to Speak to Deca & Team as they also provide Health cover facility. Then I got a good policy portability proposal from Deca and before my next renewal of the old company's policy I was covered with new Religare policy and all my existing benefits and bonuses were carry forwarded to this new one. Very happy with Deca and Jeevitha's constant follow to get then portability done. Grateful to the Team.

  • #22

    Ms. L. A., 42, Dubai UAE. (Wednesday, 06 May 2020 04:35)

    Got mine and my husband's health policy renewed this year, the premiums did not had a great hike in amount unlike other policies and with such less premium we get a cover for 25 Lakh which is great. Thanks to Deca for sharing this health cover proposal with us.

  • #21

    Mr. A. S., 45, Bejai, Mangalore. (Tuesday, 28 April 2020 23:20)

    I have renewed my Religare enhance policy of 25 lakh renewed from Deca. Ready to handle out of pocket medical expense with very less premium.

  • #20

    Mr. A. P., 60, Mahim, Mumbai. (Wednesday, 22 April 2020 23:06)

    Yet another year got my health cover renewed. Happy with Deca's service.

  • #19

    Mr. P. K., 42, Dubai UAE. (Thursday, 16 April 2020 22:50)

    Cannot miss my renewal as Deca is promptly reminding about my policy renewal. I got my No claim bonus carry forwarded this year too.

  • #18

    Mr. R. N., 59, Mumbai Maharashtra. (Thursday, 09 April 2020 05:26)

    Both my family health insurance for Care- a minimum cover and extra top-up cover of enhance 25 lakh is now renewed with just an online link. Rest assured now!

  • #17

    Mr. M. K., 38, Mulki (Thursday, 09 April 2020 05:18)

    Karnataka. Renewed my Religare Care family policy for another year and got the Bonus value added to my policy. Thanks a ton Deca for reminding us about yearly free health checkup and renewals.

  • #16

    Mr. C. A. D, 62, Bejai, Mangalore. (Wednesday, 01 April 2020 06:41)

    Thank you for the reminder Jeevitha, renewal of my Enhance policy is done. Very easy process.

  • #15

    ​Ms. S. C., 37, Marina, Dubai, UAE (Wednesday, 08 May 2019 02:02)

    I've renewed my 25 Lakh enhance policy in just few minutes with same premium amount. Very Glad !

  • #14

    Mr. A. P., 59, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim, Mumbai. (Thursday, 17 January 2019)

    I have renewed my Religare policy for another year with a simple link sent from Deca and got the NCB value added to my policy. Thank you Jeevitha for the reminder.

  • #13

    Dr. C. R. M., 58, Ujire, Karnataka, India. (Thursday, 03 January 2019 00:25)

    I am a Religare Health insurance policy holder since 2013 and the policy covers my family as well. Lately I was suffering from Pneumonia and got hospitalized in an out of network hospital in Kundapura. I had applied for a claim reimbursement with the help of DECA, they collected all the necessary information and list of documents required to receive the claim. After submitting all the required documents Religare still asked for additional details. Thanks to DECA intervention the problem with Religare claim department was settled and I got the reimbursement. I really appreciate the efforts put by DECA to get the work done."

  • #12

    Ms. S. C., 36, Kalina, Mumbai, India (Friday, 11 May 2018 06:04)

    I got my 25 Lakh Enhance health cover in just a day. It was very simple and hassle free process and thanks very much Jeevitha for your help in sorting this.

  • #11

    Mr. A. N., 43, Neelam Nagar, Mulund-E Mumbai. (Monday, 16 April 2018 23:42)

    I appreciate the service provided by DECA they have explained me how all the extra burden of huge medical expenses can be taken care by Enhance policy. I have taken a 25 Lakh policy at Rs. 10,996. I have a cover from my company ​which will take care of my small hospitalization bills, the big ones' will be taken care by enhance.

  • #10

    Mr. S. S., 38, Haleyandi, Mangalore, India. (Friday, 06 April 2018 04:14)

    I have got a 5 Lakh health cover for just Rs. 7,558 for a year, which I think is very reasonable. Now I am feeling so relax as my family savings will not be eaten by sudden medical emergency. Very much satisfied to get it.

  • #9

    Mr. J. D., 53, Arya Samaj Road, Mangalore, India. (Thursday, 05 April 2018 01:52)

    Me and my wife are now insured with an Enhance cover which will act as a top-up support for any for the major health problems, thank you Deca for advising me this policy.

  • #8

    Mr. A.S., 43, Bejai, Mangalore. (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 03:17)

    Fracture, fall I can pay myself. What I was looking for was a major 20-40 Lakhs cover for big problems like cancer, brain tumors, major accidents etc. I found the 25Lakh Enhance cover to be the best, that too without medical test.

  • #7

    Mr. A.P., 58, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim, Mumbai. (Wednesday, 28 February 2018 01:18)

    Even though I am fully covered in the UAE, I need to start and maintain a cover in India. When I finally move back to India, there is a high chance that insurance companies will not want to offer me insurance due to age/illness.

  • #6

    Mr. P. K., 52, Behind Mitcon, Balewadi, Pune. (Monday, 26 February 2018 03:31)

    I am happy that at 52 I am still eligible for health cover. I got the system email link from Jeevitha, made payment online, best way. I have health card and policy in email. Prompt service.

  • #5

    Ms. S. C., 35 Dubai, UAE (Friday, 31 March 2017 04:44)

    Thank you very much for your best service.

  • #4

    Mr. A.S., 43, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Thursday, 16 February 2017 22:26)

    I have received my policy refund amount. Thank you very much for your best service.

  • #3

    Ms. E.C.E.L, 70 Dubai, UAE (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 01:17)

    I received my surrender amount​ of policy. Thank you very much for your best service.

  • #2

    Mr. D. S., 63 G​r​and Hotel, Dubai (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 00:46)

    Hi Bhagya,

    Thank you very much for you hard work and sincerity. I received my surrender amount​ of policy.

  • #1

    Mr. S. A., 63 National paints, Sharjah, UAE (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 02:37)

    ​Dear Ms. Bhagya,

    I thank sincerely to you Priya, and specially Bhanu for your great efforts and time dedicated to collect my policy amount. Thank you for good service .God bless you all.

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