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Power of Attorney POA service for India in Dubai, Abudhabi etc.

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India power of attorney service for NRI at Embassy Consulate

How to make a UAE POA Power of Attorney for property, vehicle

Power of Attorney POA for UAE
UAE POA Power of Attorney

To buy / sell / gift property in UAE, vehicle, divorce, other court case. With the POA your spouse, parent, son, daughter etc can attend to the transaction on your behalf


Power of attorney saves time, cost and needless travel. We deliver the POA to UAE, UK, Australia, USA, Canada etc.


Other uses of POA: a) Married couples, business partners are strongly advised to draw up and maintain POA's to ensure unhindered access to assets (joint or otherwise) b) POA is a vital compliment to a Will (appointing a nominee is not a guaranteed, long term solution)


Why use our Power of Attorney POA services

  • We execute POA's daily for clients in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar etc), India and the west (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany etc) for a variety of purposes. We ensure that clauses in the POA are clear and just enough to get the necessary job done. We have learnt over the years what is accepted / rejected. Our POA's incorporate all the elements that will help you get your work done without delays


  • How we get it right - Before accepting work, we thoroughly examine your documents. We start work only when the documents are correct.  POA's need to be done accurately to avoid risk of rejection. POA often need to be bilingual i.e. English + Arabic, English + Hindi, other language etc. We will advise you on attestation at embassy / consulate, Home affairs department, Ministry of Foreign affairs etc. depending on your country of residence. We advise & handle all of this, making it simple for you


What is a Power of attorney POA? How to use a POA

Sample power of attorney POA
Power of Attorney

POA or Power of Attorney is an authorisation for someone else to sign on a transaction(s) on your behalf


Location: You can make a POA no matter where you live (any state / overseas) and no matter where your property is (any country or any state)


How to use a POA: A POA receiver must carry the original Power of Attorney, a copy of the POA, original ID as mentioned on the POA (eg: passport) and can then attend to the transaction. Power of Attorneys are used in the following transactions:


POA for Immovable property: Buy / sell / transfer Flats, Houses, Land

POA for Movable propertyBuy / sell / transfer Cars, operate Bank, Loans, Demat, deposits etc.

POA for Services: to handle services from Electricity, Airtel, Society, Lawyers, Court, Police, company formation / dissolution, economic department, chamber of commerce, free zones, Electricity supplier, District cooling, DEB, KEB, BSES, Karaama, RERA, RTA, DEWA, ADWEA, property registration, immigration, labour, post office, passport office, courier, courts, police, hospitals, customs, land department, Motor vehicles dept, BDA, HUDA, Land department, Rental registration, property developers, brokers, property managers, transactions with free zones, economic dept, customs, dealing with marriage / divorce / custody cases,  employment / commercial litigation



Other questions on POA

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    Mr. W.D. 36.,Dubai, UAE (Wednesday, 31 May 2017 06:19)

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    Mr. A. P. 52, Mumbai, Dubai (Thursday, 20 August 2015 23:12)

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    I could not believe I could sort out the sale of my car in Dubai so quickly and without having to fly down again. Great service.

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    Mr. D. L, 52, (Director, Aberdeen, UK / Jebel Dana, UAE) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:11)

    Everything on email and courier and it works precisely! I wish we had found you earlier. We need a similar set drawn up for our Doha office, documents attached.

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    Mr.P. W, 58, (Managing partner, Dortmund, Germany / DAFZA Dubai) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:10)

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    Mr.K. J, 55, (Neurosurgeon, Doha, Qatar) (Monday, 22 June 2015 13:09)

    My sister was able to complete the property sale and all related banking transactions using the POA’s. In the past we had to fly down for such things. This POA is a great blessing. So easy. Best regards

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    Mr.G.G, 59, (Marketing Manager, JAFZA, Dubai) (Friday, 12 June 2015 06:13)

    With the POA my wife can now handle all property related matters including renting and utilities on my behalf. I do not have to take leave and rush home anymore. I would like to also invest a small amount say 30000 per month in my grand daughters name, exactly how my colleagues has done through yourselves. Can you ask Priya to call me.

Power of Attorney POA for India
India POA Power of Attorney

Power of attorney India: General power of attorney is used for multiple purposes, Special power of attorney is used for buy / sale of property in India, housing loan, Vehicle sale, 


How to give / get India power of attorney by NRI, OCI, PIO from UK to India or USA to India, or Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Australia, Canada etc.: Registration of power of attorney can be done at the Indian embassy or consulate. But first the legal draft must be made as per Indian court format, template, sample. Contact us for POA legal draft, we deliver worldwide


How to cancel power of attorney: Revocable POAs can be cancelled by issuing another attested / notarised revocation. POA on E stamp paper are easy to revoke. We strongly recommend India power of attorney on E Stamp paper. Irrevocable power of attorney cannot be revoked and must be collected back and destroyed.




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