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Within walking distance:

  1. Examine the Caste / Feudal system via visit to local Feudal lords home (Guthu Mane) and visit a forest dwellers home (basket making demo on request)
  2. Visit 850 yr old Kanthavara temple, Sampige tree and Cave
  3. Visit Sacred Groves, Naga Bana (Snake mausoleum), Daiva / Bootha Gudi (Forest Spirit's dwelling)
  4. Visit Classroom paade (Hill)
  5. Visit Beer bottle paade
  6. Visit Pili paade
  7. Forest walk to Leopards den
  8. Visit Pajila Kere (lake)
  9. Try out 'fresh from tree' local palm toddy at our neighbours place
  10. Learn local vegan cooking with Lalitha. Using local food, local ingredients, cooked on wood fire
  11. Ask for ayurvedic oil massage (by local village medicine man/woman), sunbathe, shower
  12. Practice yoga with Harini 7am daily


Within 15km

  1. Visit Kodyadka temple with temple elephant
  2. Visit Moodbidri 1000 pillar ancient Jain temple and ancient Jain burial grounds
  3. Try out Vegetarian, Jain-Vegetarian options, local Meat & Fish dishes
  4. Visit Eregundi falls, Gundyadka falls, Arbi falls
  5. Feel brave? - Go on a local Gadang (Village Bar / Pub) crawl or just try out 'fresh from tree' local palm toddy at our neighbours place



  1. Visit historic 42ft Mahaveera (Bahubali) statue carved out of single rock
  2. Visit Attur Catholic Church (biggest in region), Parashurama theme park
  3. Trekking at Kodangal / Konaje Paade (rock),
  4. Visit Beaches
  5. Kori katta (local chicken fight), Kambala (local buffalo race), Kola/Nema
  6. 100yr old Soans Farm
  7. Belvai Butterfly park



  1. Request guided tour of Udupi city with lunch in local fish restaurant/bar, historic Krishna Mutt, Malpe beach, shopping etc
  2. Request guided tour of Mangalore city with lunch in local fish restaurant/bar, 140 yr old St Aloysius college UNESCO chapel paintings, shopping etc
  3. Visit or stay at Forest Cabin in Mangalore

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