Kanthavara Forest Compost

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  1. 5kg pack Rs 250/- (incl India delivery)
  2. 4kg pack Rs 200/- (incl India delivery)
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Ingredients: Compost made from (deep rooted) forest tree litter decomposed via hot composting. Contains wild bat, peacock, jungle fowl, cow droppings vermi castings (vermicompost), vermi wash with a microbe rich Jungle soil base. Includes carbon rich humus made from decomposing forest wood.


Application: Suitable for high quality, high intensity grows of flowers, fruits, vegetable. For potting soil mix 1 cup for every 2 cups common soil.


Benefits: Zero municipal waste which may contain toxins, anti-biotics, toxic paints, plastic etc. Origin Western Ghats. Natural. Renewable.  Slow cured over 1 year as against industry average of 2-3 weeks. Made by hand (zero machinery). Contains beneficial microbes and earthworm eggs. Once applied keep moist and covered with dry leaves (mulch). Use within 15days.


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