1. Internet reimbursement Moderator, Timekeeper and Welcome Act are eligible to claim 100Rs each and Panelists 200Rs each for internet reimbursement for show participation. Admin will have discretion to give a bonus of a further 100Rs to any number of participants with extraordinary performances. Penalties for poor preparation, no-shows, poor internet etc will apply. Signup after you attend English show Sun 4.30-6.30pm Zoom-CR1
  2. Stipend Unit Coordinators (UC's) are eligible for a stipend of 3000Rs per month. Appointment based on participation and contribution to 51ah development. Details and Signup after you attend English show Sun 4.30-6.30pm Zoom-CR1
  3. Speaking assignments Exceptional participants may receive invites from time to time to speak at offline events. 51ah will pay for transport, food, accommodation. Speakers will receive a certificate and prize money from 51ah. 
  4. Invite to participate: Dear ___ Sir/Mdm. My name is ABC and I am a 51ah Unit Coordinator. I would like to invite you to speak in my online (zoom) classroom as a panelist on the topic: XYZ. You can speak in English or Kannada or Hindi. Classroom is from 4.30-6.30pm / 5.30-7.30pm / 2-4pm on Dec 1, 2021. You will need to speak for 6 minutes (self intro, something about your social or environmental work, followed by views on Topic), answer questions from other speakers and ask other speakers questions on what they have spoken. Terms of participation are listed in FAQ 13 https://www.deca.in/51ah/faq. Main points are Camera On mandatory for all participants and stay for the full duration of the Classroom. I look forward to a positive response.
  5. Steps of rehearsal - Moderator / Moderator's Mentor to host/open classroom by 5.55pm, see www.deca.in/51ah for zoom classroom login and pwd. No video = No entry. Start at 6.00 sharp. Replace those not there at 6.00. UC to be in charge of rehearsal, to share screen, open webpage, open script. Repeat rehearsal twice. Before start of second rehearsal UC to ask moderator(s) to read out names of participants just to be sure that they have understood it. After rehearsal UC to give 2 more students practice with Eng moderation and Dual (Eng+Kan or Eng+Hin) Wel/Cls Act. Names to be given to OC for entry into roster.
  6. Dues to reach at least 1,000Rs per person / 5,000Rs per group before it can be released. Payments will be made in Nov, Feb, May & Aug.
  7. 🏅 Permaculture Training & Certificate Courses - 1 day - 2,000Rs, 2 day - 3,000Rs, 1 week - 5,000Rs, 2 weeks - 8,000Rs. Course contents: Preparation of in-situ hot pile / pipe / pit composting, Vermicompost, Nitrogen cycle, Soil Ph, Water harvesting, Installing wind and fire breakers, Food forest, Preventing top soil erosion, Identification of Native forest trees and their uses, Bird & butterfly attracting plants, Bambusetum with 35 species of Bamboo and their uses, Miyawaki forest concept and example, Energy self reliance via off-grid Solar, plant propagation via seeds / cuttings / grafting, Tree planting, Rubber tapping, Financial viability of agriculture, plantations and agro forestry, Basic first aid, Handling animal / reptile / insect bites. Food and hostel accommodation is included 51ah KTV (see Location). Check in/out not more than 1 days before/after course. Non-refundable booking deposit 2,000Rs, click here for payment options. For information contact Mr. Satyam +91-9606055309
  8. ⛑️ Permaculture Volunteer program with Stipend - 51ah KTV accepts volunteers from time to time. Estate timings are Mon-Fri 8am-1pm 2pm-5.30pm. Volunteers will need to work alongside 51ah KTV staff. 51ah pays stipend 3,000Rs for a 2 week full time Volunteer. Part-time Volunteers / Workawayers / Wwoofers / iFoam'ers / WFH Techies are also welcome to apply. Uniform refundable booking deposit 1,000Rs, click here for payment options. For information contact Mr. Satyam +91-9606055309
  9. 🚌 Group visits: 51ah KTV welcomes college groups of max 30 persons a batch, 18years or older for a 1 day Intro to 'Permaculture and Life of the Future'. Tour starts 10am, Lunch (included) 1pm. Prior reservation required. Participants to wear closed sport shoes, long pants/sleeves, cap, carry own water bottle. Tour fee of 50Rs per head waived until till August 31, 2022.  To check for availability contact Mr. Satyam +91-9606055309
  10. Menstrupedia - 5,000 copies of the Menstrupedia booklet have been put at the disposal of the 51ah student network with the following mandate a) Please read the Menstrupedia book yourself first b) Give OC names/address of any 1 group (min 20 persons / group) such as school / womens group etc preferably in rural areas. On your behalf OC will send the Menstrupedia books to these groups directly. c) Speak to groups and get feedback about the book. d) Speak on the show, explaining your own feedback and the feedback of the group who received the Menstrupedia books. e) You can also get one of the adult recipients to speak on the show about menstrupedia / topic and get additional credit for Panelist parent/friend. Info on Menstrupedia Preview, Video hindi, Video Eng
  11. EoD Student Committee members: Stipend 1000-3000Rs depending on quality of service rendered. Duties: a) To help maximize the EoD 2022 outreach and participation. Last year was 750 students. 2022 target 3,000 students. b) to participate actively in meetings etc. shown on Timeline below c) To undertake last years Quiz https://tinyurl.com/yjr67p7t and understand the significance of EoD d) Stipends for individual students will be decided by the committee and paid after Jun 12 but before June 30.
  12. Conflict resolution - 51ah channels are for the use of participants in 51ah Classrooms. Before you post: Please remember that you alone (not Admin) are responsible for what you post.  Before you complain please message the person directly with your reservations after which you may bring the matter to the attention of Dr. Krishna Mohan or Ms. Sushma on the group itself (not inbox please). If warranted they will open a CR (conflict resolution) room where the matter can be discussed in private with all the stakeholders. If you are unhappy with an admin decision or unhappy with admin interaction you have the bring the matter to the UC meeting in CR1 Thu 6.30pm. Thank you in advance
  13. Show roles: All participants to stay till end of show approx 2hrs & Camera-ON mandatory. UC's / OC's, Admins will participate every show.  a) Welcome / Closing act = Intro self, intro song, render a song / poem. Rehearsal mandatory on Wed or Thu 5.55pm. Those under 2-Stars must attend with their mentors. b)  Moderator's = Runs the show on the basis of a script. Rehearsal mandatory on Wed or Thu 5.55pm. Those under 2-Stars must attend with their mentors. c) Timekeeper = Provides audible time alerts. Rehearsal mandatory on Wed or Thu 5.55pm. Those under 2-Stars must attend with their mentors. d) OQ Checker = Open question checker highlights non-open questions if any. Rehearsal mandatory on Wed or Thu 5.55pm. Those under 2-Stars must attend with their mentors. e) Panelist = Intro self, speak for 6min on the topic. Ask / answer questions based on what the other panelists have spoken. Keep Pen/paper to note questions. f) Special guest = Speak for 6min - Intro yourself, your work, your social work maybe say something on the topic. Write down (please keep pen and paper handy) 1 question for each of the 6 panelists. You will be called on to ask questions to any 2 panelists.
  14. Invite to Join WA: Dear ABC Sir/Mdm. My name is XYZ and I am a 51ah Unit Coordinator. I am pleased to invite you to join our 51ah English Whatsapp Group - Please click to join https://chat.whatsapp.com/HH5krYGSLOp4973sDlKz10 / 51ah *ಕನ್ನಡ* Whatsapp Group - Click to join https://chat.whatsapp.com/BWMhxP8iFLVGEiIISKIPS1 / 51ah *हिन्दी* Whatsapp Group - Click to join https://chat.whatsapp.com/EpLDcSKCeU28nYwlYah60P

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