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51ah Trust, 13-9-1220/2, Sukrath Apartments, VT Road, Car Street,Mangalore - 575001 India

Reg. No, MGC-4-00069-2020-21

Mayoor Shetty Mobile:+91-9902258950 (Whatsapp)


Aug 2020 till Mar 10, 2021

- Classroom payouts = 27,680Rs

- Participants (students) = 213

- 2-Star'ers = 50, 3-Star'ers = 2


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to improve spoken English, Public speaking, Job Interview training, Personality development, Confidence and Online meeting etiquette. Training based on principles of scientific temper and humanism. Each module (2,3,4-Star modules) consists of 6, 8 and 11 classroom sessions respectively. Every class done online on either Saturday 5.30-7.30pm or Sunday 4.30-6.30pm


1) Moderator

2) Timekeeper

3) Welcome or Closing Act

4) Panelist

5) Panelist

6) Panelist

7) Email


Certificate (Dec 31st last)


Prize 500Rs


1) Spl Guest

2) Moderator

3) Panelist - Friend

4) Panelist - Parent

5) Panelist - Rev bk

6) Panelist - Speech

7) Panelist

8) Panelist - Quiz


Certificate (Dec 31st last)


Prize 1,000Rs


1) Panelist - Rev Bk on Topic

2) ST and Environment

3) ST and Edu &  Employ

4) ST and Healthcare

5) True or false

6) Attend Flagship

7) Attend Flagship

8) Attend Flagship

9) Flagship show

10) Flagship show

11) Panelist - friend

12) Spl. guest - Teacher

13) Mock J Int. or CC

14) OQ Checker

15) Mentor upto 3Star


Cert. + Prize 1,500Rs

51ah Classrooms, class timings, Whatsapp coordination groups, Scripts, Roster

Zoom Classroom-1

Mtg ID: 373 872 4181  Passcode: India51ah

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3738724181?pwd=T1pmaWZKcWJnYnZQRHZSUVNQa2pTQT09

Login: club.51ah@hotmail.com

Pwd: Article_51ah


Zoom Classroom-2

Mtg ID: 830 9500 8274  Passcode: India51ah

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83095008274?pwd=c1FyYzh0aTJjQjM1V2ZUOU5uK0NJQT09

Login: sneha.castelino@gmail.com

Pwd: Article_51ah


Show timings (see FAQ's for participation criteria)

1) Sat 5.30-7.30pm IST

Rehearsal Wed 6-7.30pm IST

2) Sun 4.30-6.30pm IST

Rehearsal Thu 6-7.30pm IST

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Dwnld SCRIPT – English-Kannada

Dwnld SCRIPT – English-Hindi


Dwnld Feb 1, 2021 Welcome and Closing acts

Dwnld 51ah Mock Job Interview preparation

Dwnld 51ah Quiz 

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51ah Unit Coordinators - by the students, for the students

See FAQ 2. To apply for future Unit Coordinator positions email deca.insurance@gmail.com

Ambika tiwariambika29@gmail.com













We welcome everyone . . . who wishes to share know-how, learn something from the diverse participants, work with young on a volunteer basis. You would need to attend the classroom on Saturday or Sunday 4.30 to 6.30pm Indian Std Time, once a month (at least). Notable faculty currently serving are 


Venkatesh T H 

Teacher - Tippanahalli, KA, India

Ms Yugashri Art educator


Art Educator - Bangalore, KA

+91 94818 41843


Naresh Kumar

Founder - Gandhi School Rohtak, HR, India

+91 98964 33136

Ralph Nazareth

Poet laureate - Stamford, Connecticut, USA


Keith Burkum

Philosopher, USA


Rana Arshed Hafiz


Lynda Sorenson

English teacher, Co-director US-China Exchange program, USA


Diane Sarna

Diane Sarna

English Teacher, NY, USA

Prabhakar Kapikad

Banker -Retd. Mangalore, KA, India

About 51ah

  1. What is 51ah? Article 51A(h) of the Indian Constitution says that it shall be the duty of every citizen 'to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform'
  2. 51ah Trust is a registered volunteer run education and training service to develop public speaking, spoken english, job interview training, personality development. Training is based on scientific and humanist principles.
  3. 51ah background In 2013 a group of IIT Madras students set up a club to promote scientific temper. A professor close to this group suggested the name Club 51AH after article 51AH of the indian constitution that requires every citizen to develop scientific temper. 51AH comes to life once again to give common people a platform to express their views and interact with mutual respect and use scientific temper while addressing day to day problems
  4. Who can join 51ah Everyone is welcome! We wish to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of India and the wider world
  5. Why join 51ah? - Improve English, confidence, public speaking, job interview practice, Make new friends develop a professional network, Tackle misinformation and stereotypes, Teach at 51ah - Be the change you wish to see
  6. Do’s and dont's - Being kind is more important than being right, You can post freely on 51ah English, Kannada, Hindi WA channels and tag 51ah FB, Mentor group is strictly for office messages, See whatsapp Mentor group ‘description’ for link to Show and Student Rosters, It’s ok to question / discuss / debate / share ideas but never make it personal, Mutual respect is key!
  7. 51ah adopts the principles of Critical Pedagogy. The classroom sessions are about sharing ideas and thoughts, a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where teachers and students all participate equally 

Trustees and Admins

Sampada Kulkarni

+91 96737 23377


Prof Vivek

+91 97432 90032


Sushma prabhu

Sushma Prabhu

+91 81236 70186


Mayoor Shetty

+91 99022 58950


Mr. Arun Shenoy

+91 9535081800


Mr. Shyamsundar Rao

+91 99004 38839


Prof Narendra Nayak

+91 83102 39365


President - Federation of Indian Scientific Associations (FIRA)

Sneha Castelino

+971-5-259 9270


Dr. Krishnappa Konchady

Dr. Krishnappa Konchady

+91 94481 91771


Show Roles

  1. Welcome / Closing act = Intro self, intro song, render a song / poem. Rehearsal Wed or Thu 6-7.30pm
  2. Moderator = Runs the show on the basis of a script. Rehearsal Wed or Thu 6-7.30pm
  3. Timekeeper = Provides audible time alerts. Rehearsal Wed or Thu 6-7.30pm
  4. OQ Checker = Open question checker highlights non-open questions if any. Rehearsal Wed or Thu 6-7.30pm
  5. Panelist = Intro self, speak for 6min on the topic. Ask / answer questions
  6. Special guest = Speak for 6min - Intro yourself, your work, your social work maybe say something on the topic. Write down (please keep pen and paper handy) a 1-2 questions for each of the 6 panelists. You will be called on to ask questions to any 2 panelists.

Objection / Conflict resolution

  1. Before you post: Please remember that you alone are responsible for what you post. Admin does not have the facility to delete posts. Please bear in mind that 51ah is primarily an online education service, not a whatsapp fwd / entertainment / chit chat group
  2. Before you complain: a) please msg the person directly with your reservations b) you may bring the matter to the attention of Dr. Krishna Mohan or Ms Sushma who will open a CR (conflict resolution) room where the matter can be discussed in private with all the stakeholders
  3. If you are unhappy with an admin decision or unhappy with admin interaction you have the right to ask for a 51ah case Tracking number. Cases will be looked into by 51ah Trust, whose decision will be final
  4. Thank you in advance

Welcome to Sankhe Charitable Trust


Sankhe Charitable Trust (aka SCT) was formed on 19th September 2018. The trust registration no. is 151 / 18-19 / Book IV, Sub-registrar, Mangalore City. The trust has offices at: Sankhe Charitable Trust, Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India. The trust shares common interest, trustee, admin and facilities with the 51ah Trust above. SCT operates a FREE Public Library from our office premises in Mangalore, it also supplies books to sister libraries and self help groups around the country.


President - Trustee


Sneha Castelino

Treasurer - Trustee

+971-5-259 9270


Ms Clotilda Shenoy

Secretary - Trustee


Mr. Arun Shenoy


+91 9535081800


Deca c/o Arunanjali Securities

Address: Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India


Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

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