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51ah Eco-Service - Internship


Full time residential Work+Study program, open to candidates 18 years plus, should be able to read basic English and be able to use a computer & zoom, should have completed 12th Std or 2nd PUC or 51ah 3-Star. No other qualification or certificate required. Work will be 95% outdoors and will involve all kinds of land, farm based manual work. Candidates will learn daily from the masters in the field and apply the same to local projects


Course Fee: Nil (FREE) 


Work / Study - Course contents:

  1. Garden / farm waste composting Vid 
  2. Vermicomposting Vid
  3. Non-veg waste composting
  4. Water harvesting Vid
  5. Hydroponics Vid, Vid
  6. Aquaponics Vid
  7. Multilayer / Inter cropping Vid, Vid
  8. Seed selection, preservation, exchange, seed bank Vid
  9. In-situ energy (solar / wind) harvesting
  10. Building using natural material
  11. Eco-design for new project


Certificate and Awards:

  1. 51ah Eco-Service Certificate on completion of 2 years
  2. Monthly Stipend = 2,000Rs
  3. FREE In-patient Health Insurance
  4. Award on completion of the 1st year = 50,000Rs
  5. Award on completion of the 2nd year = 100,000Rs



  1. Accommodation by employer
  2. Food (1000Rs/month + Cooking facilities) by employer
  3. Hometown-Mangalore-Hometown transport by candidate
  4. Min 1 year in Mangalore, thereafter posting in other locations
  5. Candidates who are not able to cope, not able to perform, not able to work as a team with other candidates will be warned (1 time) then expelled. Expelled candidates will be paid pro-rata but no certificate will be issued


Opportunities after course:


  1. Start own hydroponics / regular farm with know-how and award money
  2. Take up Eco-Service contracts on 3rd party projects through the 51ah network
  3. Keep getting new technologies, projects and expert help from the 51ah network
  4. Self employment  / Employment security

Deca c/o Arunanjali Securities

Address: Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India


Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

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