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FPI application

Dear Investor,

We thank you for your interest in Investing in India. We request you to kindly copy this email below, fill in missing info and send it to us. In the following days you can also email or courier other documents listed below & pay charges online. You will receive an acknowledgement for everything.


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Email to : deca.mutualfund@gmail.com


Subject: Request to open FPI a/c


Dear Ms. Priya


I would like to open a FPI (Foreign portfolio Investor) a/c to invest in Indian Mutual funds and Stocks. To support my application please find following


Sent by courier to "Egonstr 48, Freiburg 79106, Baden-Württemberg, Germany":

  1. My foreign bank account statement for last 3 months - self attested (i.e. with my signature on the side/margin of the copy)
  2. Overseas bank confirmation letter (click for format) - self attested


Sent by email:

  1. My Passport copy - self attested
  2. My PAN card copy (scan / whatsapp) - self attested
  3. My National ID copy (scan / whatsapp) 
  4. My clear Passport Photograph (scan / whatsapp)
  5. Passport copy of nominee (scan / whatsapp)


Balance KYC (Know Your Client) information:

  1. My marital status = 
  2. If married, spouse’s name = 
  3. My father’s full name = 
  4. My mother’s full name = 
  5. My taxpayer identification number (Steuernummer) in my country of residence = 
  6. Nominee is my (state your relationship to nominee if any) = 
  7. Nominee address = 
  8. Nominee email id = 
  9. Nominee mobile number = 


I agree to the following upfront costs:

  1. Notary (Notar / Landesgericht) = 34 $
  2. Embassy attestation = 24 $
  3. Courier (all overseas, india & in between) incl= 70 $
  4. SEBI Fees for 3 years (certificate will be provided) = 425 $
  5. India PAN card, life time validity = 90 $
  6. Filing of Tax declarations / tax refunds if any / repatriation of funds back overseas. Basic fee 100 euro x 3 years, non refundable = 300 $
  7. Deca professional fees, one time = 400 $ (Check for waiver conditions)
  8. Commissions and fees on transaction - Click here, item 8
  9. Total payable in advance = 1343 $ (Check for offers or discount)
  10. To make payment select any one payment option


I understand that Deca will complete the formal requirements using the information provided above. I understand that with the above information a Trading a/c, Demat a/c and an Indian Bank a/c will be opened in my name solely. I will receive a proof of these accounts via email from you within max 40 days of me submitting all required documents and payments. I understand that all my information will be handled confidentially and that my own friends / family, common friends, other clients etc will not have any access to my info and investments.


I understand that I am entitled to my investment statements once in 3 months. However if i require a statement in between, I can request by email and the statement will be sent to me in a few days. I understand that the investments i will be making are for the long term i.e. ideally for 5 years or more. In the short term (within 5 years) there could be drops, but I understand that a drop is actually an opportunity to invest more at cheaper rates.


I understand, once the accounts in India are opened I will be able to transfer money only from my above designated foreign bank a/c directly and only into my Indian bank a/c. In the opposite direction, when i sell the profit and capital can be transferred only to my foreign bank a/c. I understand that these Indian government rules are to ensure that the money is always 100% under the control of the foreign investor and can never be diverted. I understand that I must not change or close my foreign bank a/c until I get all my money back from India.


I understand that I will be dealing with a partnership firm - Deca, who will be handling all the paperwork and guiding the investments on my behalf. In the event of death of one of the partners or in the event of a dispute I understand that as per Indian law my investments will still be 100% protected and directly under my name. I can ask to increase / decrease / withdraw / close my account by sending an official email (not whatsapp) to deca.mutualfund@gmail.com and the necessary action / reply must come back to me within 2 working days. Failing which i have the right to register a complaint with the Indian govt. regulator SEBI


kind regards

(Please write full name. Please send this email from your main email ID that you will continue to use for the next 10 years. Please avoid using company emails like john@emirates.ae)

Deca c/o Arunanjali Securities

Address: Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India


Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

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