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Speaker = 200 Rs / debate

Listener = 200 Rs / debate

Debate coordinator (DC) = 750-1350 Rs / debate

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51ah/SCT is dedicated to the propagation of scientific temper. Learning sessions are constructed on the tenets of critical pedagogy, where each participant presents their own own unique perspective and then listens to views of other participants, thereby providing the individual and the group with multiple viewpoints on a given Topic. The focus is rather on Why?, How? & What if? Every Sunday at 4.30pm participants take part in a Zoom debate / discussion where alongside critical thinking they also learn time management, contact management, spoken English, public speaking, interview training, meeting etiquette, environmental awareness etc.

Classrooms, Timings, Scripts


Mtg ID: 373 872 4181  Passcode: India51ah


Host code: 199977

(English show Sun 4.30-6.30pm)



Mtg ID: 830 9500 8274  Passcode: India51ah


Host code: 632046

(Hindi show Sun 2.00-4.00pm)

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Climate change and Us

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L - Left

  1. How the food I eat is killing my planet - by Alice Braga, Queen of the South fame, for Greenpeace Part 1, 2, 3
  2. When will climate collapse? vid by TDC
  3. Meet Eve - 9 year old climate activist
  4. Will my home / city be flooded in 10years?
  5. Role of capitalism in environmental destruction?
  6. The biggest climate change offenders?
  7. Earth Overshoot Day IndiaEnglish
  8. How modern farming is killing the soil - Kiss the Ground (Docu) pasword: school
  9. A Plastic Ocean (Trailer)
  10. A life on our planet (Trailer)
  11. Breaking Boundaries (Trailer)
  12. Population Counter
  13. Co2 in atmosphere
  14.  Calc your personal ecological footprint
  15. Latest IPCC Aug 9th, 2021 report Wire

R -Right

  1. Human extinction? Dr. Mayer Hillman, Extinction rebellion (XR)
  2. David Attenborough - UN Security Council
  3. The Selfish Green - BBC,
  4. Why is it now or never? The Anthropocene - Will Steffen
  5. We're looking at Billions of People not being able to Survive - Peter Carter, IPCC
  6. Aranya - Zahirabad
  7. IYCN - India
  8. Regreening docu by VPRO Holland
  9. Commonland initiative
  10. How to Save our planet? WWF
  11. German broadcaster videos explaining climate crisis (in Eng) DW Planet A
  12. Population?  Consumption / Waste?


Notable mentors and faculty . . .

Diane Sarna

Diane Sarna

English Teacher, NY, USA

Keith Burkum

Philosopher, USA

Rana Arshed Hafiz


Lynda Sorenson

English teacher, Co-director US-China Exchange program, USA


Venkatesh T H 

Teacher - Tippanahalli, KA, India

Ralph Nazareth

Poet laureate - Stamford, Connecticut, USA

About 51ah

  1. What is 51ah? Article 51A(h) of the Indian Constitution says that it shall be the duty of every citizen 'to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform'
  2. 51ah Trust is a registered volunteer run education and training service to develop public speaking, spoken english, intern / job opportunities, personality development, entrepreneurship, self sustaining organic farming and eco services. Training is based on scientific and humanist principles.
  3. 51ah background In 2013 a group of IIT Madras students set up a club to promote scientific temper. A professor close to this group suggested the name Club 51AH after article 51AH of the Indian constitution that requires every citizen to develop scientific temper. 51AH comes to life once again to give common people a platform to express their views and interact with mutual respect and use scientific temper while addressing day to day problems
  4. Who can join 51ah Everyone is welcome! All ages, All locations - Welcome! We wish to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of India and the wider world
  5. Why join 51ah? - Improve English, confidence, public speaking, take up an internship / job, make new friends develop a professional network, Tackle misinformation and stereotypes, Teach / volunteer at 51ah - Be the change you wish to see
  6. Do’s and dont's - Being kind is more important than being right. Participants on shows can post freely on 51ah WA channels (English, Kannada, Hindi) and tag 51ah FB and Insta. It’s ok to question / discuss / debate / share ideas but never make it personal, Mutual respect is key! Camera-ON is mandatory in 51ah classrooms and meetings. No Camera & No Full attention = No Entry / Eject
  7. Critical Pedagogy principles are adopted at 51ah. The classroom sessions are about sharing ideas and thoughts, a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where teachers and students all participate equally

51ah Trust | Trustees and Admins

51ah Trust, Reg. No, MGC-4-00069-2020-21

Address:13-9-1220/2, Sukrath Apartments, VT Road, Car Street,Mangalore - 575001 India

Dr. Krishnappa Konchady

Dr. Krishnappa Konchady

+91 94481 91771

Prof Vivek

+91 97432 90032

Sushma prabhu

Sushma Prabhu

+91 81236 70186

Mayoor Shetty

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Mr. Arun Shenoy

+91 9535081800

Mr. Shyamsundar Rao

+91 99004 38839

Prof Narendra Nayak

+91 83102 39365

President - Federation of Indian Scientific Associations (FIRA)

Sneha Castelino

+971-50-259 9270

Sankhe Charitable Trust (80G Tax benefit)

Sankhe Charitable Trust (a.k.a. SCT) was formed on 19th September 2018 with registration no. 151 / 18-19 / Book IV, Sub-registrar, Mangalore City. The trust has offices at: c/o Deca Office 3-3-245/2 next to Bejai church complex, Bejai, Mangalore, 575004 India. PAN: AAATZ2548L URN: AAWTS5783L22BL01


President - Trustee

Sneha Castelino

Settlor, Treasurer - Trustee

+971-50-259 9270

Ms Clotilda Shenoy

Secretary - Trustee

Mr. Arun Shenoy


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