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Investor training and updation service

Better quality investment results demand constant upgrading of knowledge both by the financial adviser / custodian (us) and investor / participant (you). Thanks to rapid technological change many traditional investment options are loosing their utility and giving way to more transparent ones take their place. Find out more by participating in any of our Investor training and updation modules shown below and take stock of the latest opportunities. The training will be conducted by one or more of our directors / senior staff. Ideal location would be at Colleges, Schools, Housing colonies, Clubs, Guilds etc. & ideally upto 20 participants persons per session

Module 1 - Investing in India Stock Markets

  • Difference between Saving and Investment - 10min
  • Comparison of various asset classes - 10min
  • Best places to invest in the Indian Equity space? - 10m
  • What are the returns and risk for each of these options? - 10m
  • Method to invest for 15% plus returns - 15m
  • What roll does a financial advisor play? - 10m
  • What to look for in a Financial advisor? How to decide if they are up to the job? - 10m
  • Traps and pitfalls to avoid? - 10m
  • Cost of Not starting up. Starting up info - 10min

Total time: 95 min

Module 2 - Investing in Real Estate

  • How has Real Estate Investments fared around the country and the world over the past 20 years? - 15min
  • What can we expect from Real Estate investments over the next 10years? - 15min
  • How does Real Estate investments compare with other investment options? -15min
  • Conclusion / Summary - 15min

Total time: 60 min

Module 3 - Roots of Corruption. Corruption in the financial system

  • What is a contract? How to a) define, b) execute and c) settle a contract - 15min
  • Variations - 15min
  • Root of corruption - 15min
  • History of corruption - 15min
  • How to combat existing corruption - 15min
  • How to prepare the next generation to avoid the pitfalls of corruption - 15min

Total time: 90 min

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