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  1. Application / method - Suitable for flowers, fruits, vegetable plants, bushes, plantations inoculation pits. Once applied water daily. Do not sprinkle on top. Instead dig a small pit next to the plant and place the compost, then cover with at least 3 inches of ordinary soil or dried leaves. Do not mix evenly with soil. Mixing will disperse the compost too much causing biological content buildup to take much longer. Compost should never come in contact with sunlight.
  2. How much to use - For plantations: application needs to be done via inoculation pits 1.5m (5ft) from tree / bush. For pots: 3 tea cups per plant/pot. For potting soil: mix 1 cup 51ah for every 3 cups common soil. After use, close packet in such a way that contents do not come in contact with air, sunlight or heat. 
  3. Ingredients - Macro ingredients: Dry (brown) biomass, freshly cut (green, yellow, red) biomass, cattle dung, fresh sweet water. There is no paper, fabric, municipal waste or even kitchen waste which may contain inks, toxins and/or non-biodegradable material. Micro ingredients: Beneficial microbes, earthworm eggs, earthworms, Vermiwash (earthworm regurgitate)
  4. Steps - a) Clear the ground of all live plants and dried leaves b) Wet the ground sufficiently c) Place the aerator(s) d) place dry leaves e) place freshly cut green leaves f) place cow dung g) water h) repeat d, e, f, g until the pile reaches the top of the aerator i) cover with tarpaulin j) turn pile completely over every week x 6 weeks or leave pile undisturbed for 6 months k) water pile frequently l) sieve using a fine 3mm guage sieve m) pack immediately and store in cool dark place
  5. Consistency Compost when packed is moist, such that when squeezed tightly in your palm it takes the shape of your closed fist and maximum 1 drop of water may drip out. However on pacing and storage the packages get compressed. The packages also loose moisture due to this compression and also with time in storage. Should you receive dry powdery compost, please remember that there is no loss in efficacy. However once applied water daily thereafter.
  6. Verification / Quality assurance - Distributors / Customers are welcome to visit our Ladhyhill Mangalore or Kanthavara production facility at any time (surprise visits welcome) to verify ingredients & process. See location maps. For those who wish to check the ingredients and process in detail food and accommodation arrangements are available at Kanthavara, for details contact office.
  7. Quality complaints? - a) Compost contain soil - Please refer FAQ 4) l) above. We use a very fine 3mm sieve to remove small pebbles and un-broken down / partially decomposed matter which can be toxic to the roots until fully decomposed. The resulting compost will therefore often appear powdery and can be confused for soil/mud

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