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How you can benefit from Deca services

  1. Mutual Fund and Stock SIP
  2. Multi-asset funds (Eq+Debt+Gold), USD and EURO exposure
  3. FREE Life cover available with certain SIP's
  4. Monthly Pension (like) payout scheme for seniors - Approx 1% p.m.
  5. Section 80C - ELSS, Term Insurance (upto 45yrs) - Save upto 46,800 Rs p.a.
  6. Section 80CCC - Pension or LIC FD - Save upto 46,800 Rs p.a.
  7. Tax free 54EC Capital gain bonds, Tax saving on land/prop deals
  8. PMS Portfolio Management Service
  9. Foreign Investor (FPI Route)
  10. Section 80D - Health Insurance, Tax saving 46,800 max p.a.
  11. Will and POA set ready, Update nominee everywhere
  12. Transmission of assets after death - Probate and Succession certificates
  13. Recovery of lost shares from IEPF
  14. PAN Card New/Lost/Correction
  15. Solar, returns 10-20% p.a., Depreciation 40% per year against business income
  16. Income Tax filing and refund for residents and NRI (TDS refunds)
  17. Convert NRO to NRE
  18. Setup a Charitable Trust


Other benefits while filing tax returns through us

  1. Section 80DD - Rehabilitation of Handicapped Dependent Relative
  2. Section 80DDB - Medical Expenditure on Self or Dependent
  3. Section 80TTA - Interest on Savings Bank Account
  4. Section 80GG - House Rent Paid
  5. Section 80E - Interest on Education Loan for Higher Studies
  6. Section 80EE - Home Loan Interest
  7. Section 80U - Person suffering from Physical Disability
  8. Section 80G - Donations towards Social Causes
  9. Section 80GGB/GGC - Contributions to Political Parties
  10. Section 80RRB - Royalty of a Patent
  11. Section 80TTB - Interest on Deposits for Senior Citizens


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